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Unravel the mysteries of SAP Product Costing configuration

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Sally Willis
Sr. SAP FICO Consultant.

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Margaret Yang
Sr. SAP FICO Consultant.

As per the IAS it is a must to valuate own manufactured goods at actual cost. This is only possible to do that in SAP by configuring the Actual costing and Material Ledger. 

It is therefore imperative that you know SAP Actual costing and material ledger. 

The SAP Actual Costing/Material Ledger configuration guide is just the right product for you.

The contents of the SAP Product Costing configuration/Actual Costing and Material Ledger Configuration guide is summarized below:

  • Configuring the Costing sheet for calculating overhead
  • Configuring Cost Component Structure
  • Configuring Costing variant
  • Configuring Mixed costing
  • Configuring Join Product costing
  • Configuring Work in Process calculation
  • Configuring Variance Calculation
  • Configuring Settlement of Variance
  • Configuring Product Cost by period - Product Cost Collector
  • Configuring Product Cost by sales order  
  • Configuring Material Ledger for Plants
  • Configuring dynamic price changes
  • Defining and assigning Material Ledger update structure to plants
  • Configuring Actual Costing and Activation of actual cost component split
  • Production Start up activities in Material Ledger


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