Learn SAP BI Configuration

BI Consulting is a niche area and very much in demand. We are pleased to present the SAP BI Configuration material with simple easy to understand step by step screen by screen instructions.

Contents of the SAP BI Configuration are:

1) Introduction about Business Content
2) Steps to install Business Content
3) Data Sources
4) Use of Data sources
5) Extraction of Data from SAP to BI
  5.1) Steps involved in SAP for extraction
5.2) Steps involved in BI for extraction
6) Extraction process
  6.1) Events in LO Extraction
6.2) Update mode
6.3) Queued Delta
6.4) Steps in ECC 6 side
6.5) Steps in BI side
6.6) Loading to cube
7) Flat file upload
  7.1) Creating Info Area
7.2) Creating Info Object Catalog
7.3) Creating Characteristics Info Object
7.4) Creating Key figure Info Object
7.5) Creating Data Source Object
7.6) Creating Source System
7.7) Creating Data Source
7.8) Creating Info Package
7.9) Create Transformation
7.10) Create DTP
7.11) Create Info Cube
8) Process Chain Creation
9) Business Scenarios
10) Reporting

The SAP BI Configuration material contains:

  • Step by step (Screen by Screen) Configuration document
  • Power point presentations

You get the following Bonus material:

SAP BI Interview Questions and Answers

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