SAP Simple Finance Training for New Asset Accounting

SAP New Asset Accounting is now mandatory in Simple Finance. SAP New Asset Accounting offers immense benefit over traditional Asset Accounting. In SAP New Asset Accounting there is no need of doing reconciliation with New GL. Asset Accounting is permanently reconciled with New GL. There is no longer a need to have a derived depreciation area.


SAP New Asset Accounting training in Simple Finance includes the following:-

  1. Training video explaining the concepts of SAP New Asset Accounting
  2. Configuration of New Asset Accounting pdf document
  3. SAP New Asset Accounting presentation
  4. SAP New Asset Accounting user training manual

We cover the following new scenarios:-

  1. Acquisition with different posting amounts per accounting principle
  2. Capitalization scenario in single depreciation area
  3. Asset sale from asset capitalized in one depreciation area

Preview Video Material

Preview Video Material 

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