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At Last there is a Comprehensive step by step SAP Treasury and Risk Management training document available in the SAP Training Market today covering detailed configuration.

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The SAP Treasury module one of the most powerful modules after the FICO module is a sub module of the SAP Financial Supply Chain Management module (SAP FSCM). The SAP Treasury module covers the entire gamut of Money market, Foreign exchange, Securities and capital market operations.

Companies are now realizing the benefits of implementing the Treasury module.

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Checkout the contents of the SAP Treasury Management and Risk Management Configuration below:

General Settings in Transaction Manager

  • General settings
  • Define Company Code additional data
  • Define Portfolio
  • Define Traders
  • Assign Factory Calendar
  • Define and Assign Accounting codes and Valuation areas
  • Initialization of Parallel Valuation Areas
  • Define and Assign Valuation Classes
  • Define Account Determination

Money Market / Foreign Exchange

  • Define Product Types
  • Define Number range for Transaction Types
  • Define Flow Types
  • Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type
  • Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows
  • Define Derivation Procedures and Rules
  • Define Update Types and Assign Usages
  • Assign Flow Types to Update Types
  • Define Correspondence Activities
  • Assign General Valuation Class

Fixed Deposit, Commercial Paper, Interest Rate instrument, Fixed term deposit simulation, Commercial paper NPV calculator, Derivatives (creating forward rate adjustments, Interest rates adjustments), Interest Rate Swap, OTC (exercise otc option, forex fast entry OTC options), Rollover forward exchange transaction


  • Define Currency Units
  • Define Number Rangefor Security Classes
  • Define Company Code-Dependent Settings for the Product Type
  • Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type
  • Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows
  • Define Derivation Procedures and Rules

(Creating securities,  Executing security order,executing valuation, executing postings)

Credit Risk Analyzer ( SAP Risk Management)

  • Global Settings
  • Define Collateral Priority
  • Define Collateral Type
  • Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration
  • Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Money Market transactions
  • Activate Integrated Default Risk Limit Check

  (Maintain Limits, Generate Utilizaiton, Market Risk analyzer - Define Portfolio hierarchy)


SAP Treasury Management training Configuration contains.

  • Step by Step Configuration document
  • Classic End user training documents (82 documents)
  • Power Point presentation

You get the following Bonus

SAP Cash Management Configuration : SAP Cash Management helps to monitor payment flows and safeguard liquidity, so that payments commitments can be met. The two most important and powerful report in SAP Cash Management configuration are the Cash Position and the Liquidity Forecast.

Check out the contents of SAP Cash Management Configuration:

  • Define Source Symbols
  • Define Planning Levels
  • Define Planning Groups
  • Define Cash Management Account Name
  • Define Groupings and Maintain Headers
  • Maintain Grouping Structure    
  • Master data set up
  • Manual Planning in Cash Position

With Beautiful End user training documents

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