SAP Joint Venture Accounting Configuration

Companies generally form joint venture partnerships to spread out risks involved in capital intensive projects. These ventures have a long payback period. Joint ventures are typically used by Oil & Gas Companies ,since Oil & Gas discoveries take a long period and involve high risk.

A joint venture partnership consists of an operating partner (operator) and one or more non-operating partners. They join together to combine monetary or personnel resources to share a project’s expenses and revenues. Operator manages the venture and maintains accounting records. The operator remits venture expenses, collects revenues and distributes these to the partners, according to their Joint venture shares.

SAP Joint Venture accounting provides a complete solution for this accounting.

We cover the complete steps of SAP Joint venture accounting configuration.

SAP Joint Venture Accounting (JVA) Configuration material includes:

  1. Power point presentation explaining SAP Joint Venture accounting concept
  2. Step by step, screen by screen SAP JVA configuration document
  3. End user training manuals (BPP) explaining how the transactions needs to be executed.

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